A View from The Truck

My name is Andy Zuker and I’m a co-owner of the Moving Crew. I intend to use this blog to make moving better by explaining real life move situations to educate anyone who is reading on the many intricacies of moving.

For example, back in my early days of moving I learned the hard way that the tape measure is one of the mover’s most valuable tools. I figure if I learn something about furniture, homes, appliances, or moving I should share it. Perhaps someone can take this information apply it to their move and have a better experience.

I’ve learned so many things over the years moving offices, families, government agencies, churches, and retail stores, most of which I would not have known if I didn’t experience it.

I will never use a name in this blog or any other personal or business information. All of my customer and employee information is strictly private and is never shared with anyone. Period.

These are just tales and tips of interest, from myself and other movers, about an industry created for something everyone does, almost everyone hates to do, and nearly all people take for granted in some way.

Thank you and enjoy.