A Year in Review from The Moving Crew

One year ago we founded the Moving Crew. We were determined to succeed with quality and simplicity. We resolved to steer clear of the shady practices entrenched in the moving industry, and to be be totally honest and open with our clients. We knew that if we did great work for people they would help us grow by telling others about our services. We knew it had to be that simple.

And I think it is. It has been a great year. We have done some amazing moves, met some really kind and interesting people, traveled the state and country, heard some astounding life stories, seen some incredible artworks and treasures, and shared some good laughs with people who were strangers the day before. This year we moved 3 generations of the same family, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Great rates and simplified billing have been key for us and for our customers, but I think the most important aspect of our business is clear communication. Frankly, one of the largest problems people have with movers is the disparity between the estimate and the final bill. Estimating moves is a tough thing to do, and no cube worksheet  or software can give you a perfect number, even if you note literally every item in the home. Ultimately, there is an instinct you have to gain by experience,  along with an understanding of distances, hallways, stairs, furniture, cities, geography, etc.

I think that many companies give purposefully low estimates to get jobs on the books, knowing they will raise the total considerably in the end. Unfortunately I think there is a culture of commissions-only estimators in the moving industry that creates this type of situation all the time.  Being a salesperson is tough, and you need to sell to get paid.

This is different than contractors or owner-operators because most of the time we are the sales and service department all-in-one. We have to do the work we bid and ask the customer for payment upon completion so misleading them in the beginning will only create trouble in the end.  Being totally upfront about costs and services from the start is the only way we can provide the value we promised. This has served us well this year in the Moving Crew, largely because of the rapport we can build with our clients and the personable accountability we have to them.

On behalf of us movers I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and sincerely thank all families and individuals that called upon the Moving Crew in 2010! Thank you for the business, thank you for the referrals, thank you for the support!

I’d also like to thank you for the waters, the coffees, the lunches, the amusing anecdotes, the great conversations, the beautiful views and gorgeous drives, the doughnuts, the bagels, the croissants, the jokes, the truths, the hugs, the handshakes,  the books, the Hershey kisses, and the Gatorades.

And a big thanks to Jim for the wheelbarrow, it’s been a life-saver!

-Andy Z of the Moving Crew