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The 7 Questions I Answer Everyday

Since October of 2006, I’ve spent my every work day doing something involved with the Moving and Storage Industry. Sometimes it is payroll, sometimes it is license renewal or trucking regulations stuff. Mostly it is phone calls and estimates, but

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People That Probably Should Have Called Us

Professional movers would take a different approach

Look we’ve all been there: you just found the dining table of your dreams and all you brought to the store was your bicycle or Mini Cooper. There are times when you’re just not equipped to move the big things

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New Friends and Moving F.A.Q

Recently I was asked to be interviewed by the Real Estate professionals at to discuss running a moving company. Drew had some really good questions and I enjoyed the process. Here’s a look at the full interview below. Be

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How to Get a Date (with Your Mover)

Have you tried flowers? Chocolates? Sweet talk? A renewed vigor and determination for improved personal hygiene? Maybe… maybe he’s just not that into you. And that’s ok. Be who you are. Love yourself first before you can love someone else.

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Moving with Pets – Guest post by Dr. Sarah Zuker, DVM, CCRP

Being in the veterinary profession, I was not too worried about moving across the country with my two cats.  My brother, the co-owner of The Moving Crew was there to take care of all the move logistics, so all I

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The Skinny on California Moving Companies

In light of all the news about rogue and shady movers lately, we thought we would make it easier for you to get the info you need about the legitimacy of the Moving Crew and other California Moving Companies. Here’s a

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A Year in Review from The Moving Crew

One year ago we founded the Moving Crew. We were determined to succeed with quality and simplicity. We resolved to steer clear of the shady practices entrenched in the moving industry, and to be be totally honest and open with

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To Faraway Lands

Sometimes I get calls where a person asks me, “How much will it cost to move to the East Coast?” and I often wish I had a simple answer. There is no simple answer to that question and no one-right-way

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The Tape that Binds…

Household Goods relocation is not a one-size-fits-all service and it never will be. There are so many factors that go into a move that to name them all would be absurd but some key ingredients of all moves that can

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One Mover’s Love/Hate Relationship with Scandinavia

In the last ten years or so in America there has been a furniture revolution with the steady stream of stylish, inexpensive imports from Scandinavia. This has been great for so many people in myriad ways. For one, the majority

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