Moving Handbook: How to Pack and Prepare

How to Pack and Prepare for a Move like a Pro

As a mover I have encountered superbly prepared homes and disorganized, cluttered houses where nothing was packed or prepared at all. You can imagine which move costs more and is likely to incur damage or loss.

The majority of people I work for are pretty prepared. They’ve packed the dishes well, labeled the boxes, and gotten rid of things they don’t want. But occasionally I encounter homes that are lived-in and unprepared, or a pile of boxes that can’t  be properly closed with fine crystal vases jutting out the top and “Fragile” written without irony 50 times on the sides.

Packing and preparing for a move seems to be one of those things that all of society assumes they know how to do, but really, why should they? Many people move only a few times in a lifetime and though nearly everyone has helped friends move, most people aren’t professional movers.

Well I am a professional mover and packer, and I want to teach you the subtle art of packing and preparing your home so that you may have the best, safest, most cost-effective moving experience yet. You might also want to share this info and rescue a friend from a move from hell.

This lengthy blog has been broken into sections for your sanity. I hope you enjoy. Please email me with any suggestions, questions, or awesome packing tips of your own!