Part 2: Before you Begin Packing

Purge! Get rid of the things you don’t use, want, or need well in-advance of move day. As soon as the thought of moving enters your mind, mentally set aside some days to sort and organize everything you own. The longer you’ve lived in one place the more junk you will have accumulated and stored.Don’t pay anyone to move things you don’t want and don’t waste time and energy packing, moving, and unpacking things you have no desire to keep.

Plan! A move is a complicated ordeal, have a master plan for how it’s going to go, but allow for changes and unforeseen issues. A good moving plan outlines some basics:

  • When: Around what day is the moving going to take place? At first this might be general, but as the time approaches you may need to schedule movers/friends, carpet cleaners, inspections, appliance delivery, builders/repairmen. Most importantly the “when” begs another important question, “How long do I have to get ready?” Moving is not a one-day ordeal so give yourself enough time to do it right.
  • Where: To the other side of town or to the other side of the country? It makes a big difference not only what type of home you’ll be moving to, but where. Long-distance moves take more planning because going back for more trips is not an option.
  • What: What you do need in your new home? Maybe your new home has built-in bookshelves or garage cabinets so you no longer need some of your current shelving. Maybe your new home is smaller and you can take less furniture. Trying to figure this out on move day is a giant waste of time, money, and energy.
  •  Who: Do you have any help? Are you hiring movers? What can the kids do to help get ready? Who in the household will be responsible for what in terms of packing and preparation? All these are crucial to know before you start.
  •  How: this is the masterful execution of your moving plan. This is the order of operations, the coordination of helpers, materials, and vehicles. This is the vision.

I suggest you make a checklist detailing everything involved in moving, which can be different for every individual or family. Keep it in a notebook or folder along all the contact information of everyone who may play a part in your move from the real estate agent to the chimney sweep and the cable company. My clients that have made plans and kept a moving folder have been less stressed on their moves and have paid less overall.