Part 4: The Day Before You Move

Ideally at this point you’ve completed packing all but the last-minute items, and staged the boxes in the garage or an empty room. You have cleaned all the yard stuff, signed the papers, gotten the keys, and are ready to move. Now would be an excellent time to check on a few things and break a few items down in preparation.

  • Get out the tape measure. Now would be a good time to measure your refrigerator, and all the doorways it will have to pass through at both homes, and determine if the handles or doors need to be removed. Maybe just the front door of your new house needs to come off, maybe the fridge doors and hinges need to be completely removed. Find out before the move so you can plan for the added time and have the right tools.
  • Attend to the Laundry. Try to let your washing machine dry out for at least 24 hours before a move. This will reduce the weight, and the amount of water that gets spilled while disconnecting them. Make sure that the washer and dryer you are moving will work in your new home. Is your dryer gas or electric? Does the power cable on the dryer match the outlet in your new home? If not, you should try to pick up the right cord at an appliance or home improvement store before the move.
  • If you have a complicated bunk bed to move, it would behoove you break it down the day before the move.
  • Take glass out of china hutches and curios and wrap it up in blankets or packing paper.
  • Take mirrors off dressers, hutches off desks, cabinets off the wall if they are mounted, and clear any shelves that you want moved.
  • Disassemble any weight machines or gym equipment as much as possible. If you have a large weight system with lots of cables and stacks of weight this will take several hours. Be organized and keep all the parts in storage bags.
  • Have a good meal and get some quality rest. You will need the energy.