Business Moves made easy with The Moving Crew

Custom Planning to Fit Your Business Size

At The Moving Crew, we understand the unique challenges of moving a business. We always aim to complete business moves with as little interruption to operations as possible. We know you need to get back to work quickly after a move. The best way to achieve that is to be fast, thorough, and organized.

Business moves sometimes require months of planning depending on the size of the business and number of employees. Large corporate moves need extra consideration as sometimes there are multiple load and unload locations. Proper labeling of goods and files to be moved, as well as detailed notes, are essential to organization and efficiency.  Often special equipment is required such as library carts for files and books or panel carts to stack and transport partition walls. The Moving Crew has what it takes to make your business move a success.

We are a fully-insured, licensed moving company with an emphasis on safety. The Moving Crew staff takes every available measure to prevent injury and damage to our movers, our customers, our equipment, and our customer’s belongings. We are proud to say that our Worker’s Compensation Insurance modifier is 98%. We understand the importance of coverage and have a quick turn around time for certificates of insurance and other related documents.

Contact The Moving Crew as you begin to plan your business move. We have the information and resources your company needs for a seamless transition.

The Moving Crew has specialized gear, such as panel carts to move wall partitions and other business specific items.