People That Probably Should Have Called Us

People That Probably Should Have Called Us

Look we’ve all been there: you just found the dining table of your dreams and all you brought to the store was your bicycle or Mini Cooper.

There are times when you’re just not equipped to move the big things around. These are the times when you should call a moving company like us and let the pros with the pro trucks and gear do the heavy lifting.

Sometimes it isn’t economical to pay a moving company’s hourly minimum for one piece of furniture, but having flexibility in your timeline can often help. For example, I have a 3-hour minimum for most jobs, but if a client can schedule a single-piece move after a job that is already in the neighborhood, I can usually accommodate the job for 1 hour’s labor or less.

Other times, when it just has to be done right and done on a certain day, even the mover’s minimum charge is a great value compared to the perils and potential costs of inexperienced people moving heavy and large items without proper equipment or the right vehicle.

I’ve complied a few photos from around the web and on the roads of people that decided to buck the establishment, disregard the physical limitations of everything, and find a way to get it there come hell or high water. These are the brave souls who gambled with their lives and the lives of other drivers just to save a couple dollars. Don’t be these people, but enjoy these photos and maybe share with a frugal friend who has attempted or even accomplished some of these dangerous moves. Sorry in advance for the potato quality of the photos. Many of these were snapped from behind the wheel.


1-Bd Apt on the go

This is a pretty standard shot that almost any of us could take on our daily commute. I’m always impressed and baffled by how much some people can fit in a car.


Also No

Cargo straps? Tie downs and rope? Nah. We got Jerry.



This one is too fun not share. I have watched it hundreds of times and I still don’t understand what is going on here and why this went to hell so quickly. Click on the image to see the animated GIF.


Helping Out

I love seeing a community come together around a cause that is dangerous and foolhardy. In real life, though, sometimes the best way in or out of a building isn’t exactly pretty. You know it’s bad when you have to climb on someone’s shoulders on a ladder and you are not performing with Cirque du Soleil.



Pallet wood is all the rage with the Pinterest crowd these days. And maybe with auto body painters because that Monte will never look the same again.



Moving Day

Yes it “technically” all fit in the truck, but everyone knows this won’t end well.



The unadulterated power of optimism. I used to drive a very similar car and while the trunk was a marvel of space that seemingly defied the psychical laws of the universe, I can say with much certainty that it would never accommodate a recliner love-seat. I think they knew that, but someone is always like, “Well let’s just try it and see. I’m a visual person.”



No. Just no. People need to stop doing this stuff. I hope he made it.