The Tape that Binds…

Household Goods relocation is not a one-size-fits-all service and it never will be.

There are so many factors that go into a move that to name them all would be absurd but some key ingredients of all moves that can be very different from family to family include:

Number of boxes, number of pieces of furniture, size of home, distance between homes, specialty items, quality of packing, preparedness of home, amount of fine art, specialty items, extraordinarily heavy items, access to the home, what is kept in the garage, appliances, etc.

One thing I cannot stress enough is the importance of packing properly and sealing up the boxes with good tape. Trust the man who moves boxes everyday when he says don’t get cheap or lazy when it comes to packing and packing supplies. After all, it is everything you own that is going into those boxes, then on to that truck and then into your new home.

Sometimes I am genuinely surprised at at the condition of boxes, but I know packing is stressful, especially when trying to live your normal life and coordinate a new home, new schools sometimes, job changes, life. However, if you take the time to wrap all your finest china in paper and pack it carefully in a box, at a minimum you should tape the top and bottom of that box closed.

Recently on a move I picked up a box of fine dishes from the china hutch, packed by my customer, and they all fell out the bottom which was only folded closed. 30 pounds of nearly irreplaceable dishware from a lifetime and no tape on the box! Luckily I only got the box a few inches off the carpet before the avalanche began and nothing broke.

I love what I do and I take care of people’s belongings very well. In order for me to do a great job, we need to work together.  I have packed many homes and all sorts of peculiar items, fine art, dishes, urns containing passed family members,  you -name-it, and I would be happy to answer any question about packing, no matter how mundane.

One thing I will tell everyone who moves is to get good boxes and don’t buy the cheap tape from the big home improvement warehouse store.

Good moving boxes can be flattened and stored for multiple uses which helps mitigate the cost of cardboard that can seem staggering at first.

The tape is a one-time investment but it is so worth it. The different between well-sealed, sturdy moving boxes and open-topped, dilapidated boxes is night and day.

If you have any trouble finding moving supplies and good tape, or need help knowing how to begin packing or have any questions, please call me.We offer a world-class packing service, too.

If there is any one thing I’ve learned about moving in my years it is that great preparation is the key to a move that is affordable, safe, timely, successful, and perhaps even enjoyable!